SOAR Takes Off In Local Schools

SOAR is a six week leadership course designed to inspire and equip pupils (YR 11+) to lead themselves well. 

At Exodus we have seen that when young people lead themselves well they increasingly unlock their potential, maximise their gifting and contribute to society. With this in mind, we have developed the SOAR programme to equip students with the knowledge and skills to lead themselves well in order that they might shape their own development and lead well within their school, community and in time their chosen career path. 

SOAR is a 6 session journey anchored in 3 core values: integrity, courage and compassion. Each session is delivered by one of our staff and volunteers in fun and creative ways that invite interaction so that pupils are engaged and learning is enjoyable.

Engaging workshop style sessions of 35-55 mins designed around The Learning for Life and Work syllabus covering the following topics: 
○ Identifying Personal Core Values 
○ Growing in Self-Awareness 
○ Developing Skills in Goal Setting 
○ Putting Others First 
○ Prioritising Self-Care 
○ Shaping a Personal Vision

SOAR has already been delivered in 4 schools to 461 pupils, we hope to deliver this exciting new programme to 18 schools in total in the next year across Northern Ireland.


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    Matthew says

    Exciting project and so needed for our young people in these days!

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