Irish Bible Institute

Irish Bible Institute


Here at IBI, excellence in biblical education and leadership development is at the core of what we do. We are an interdenominational Bible college and we have been seeking to serve the church in Ireland for over thirty years.

Our desire is that students leave not only with a deeper understanding of the Bible and a firmer theological foundation, but that they leave transformed by God, more deeply in love with him and his church, and better equipped to serve. 


ON SITE means in person classes in IBI.

The teacher and students will be in classes in IBI – we expect this to be the case from this Autumn. We are very much looking forward to all the life and conversations and learning that is sparked by being together. 

ON ZOOM means that students will also have the option to access those classes from wherever they are in Ireland and even beyond. 

The new thing here is how both ON SITE and ON ZOOM students will be able to study simultaneously together in the one class.

We are investing in technology over the summer in quality sound and cameras. The result will be that students ON ZOOM will be able to participate fully in the class and group discussions.

We are also investing in more online E-Resources so that all students will have excellent access to all the academic resources they need from wherever they are studying. 

There are at least three reasons we are launching IBI LIVE 

  1. IBI LIVE has come out of our experience over the last year of the Coronavirus pandemic. Both teachers and students have learnt a lot. Learning via Zoom has gone much better than we expected. We have seen how high quality teaching and learning can happen remotely. And we want to build on this experience 
  2. IBI LIVE will enable students who for work, location or family reasons cannot get to Dublin. We have always said we want to be an IRISH BIBLE INSTITUTE – not a Dublin institute. This opens up quality training to individuals and churches from all over Ireland and beyond. 
  3. IBI LIVE will enable students to study via that track all the way through to DEGREE LEVEL  – this is a new option

What you can expect in your student experience 

  • How to handle the Bible –the ability to lead Bible studies
  • Overall theological grasp of the Bible and key Christian beliefs
    Practical Pastoral care skills
  • Able to understand the Old Testament and it’s relevance for life and ministry
  • Develop in personal reflection; self-understanding; gifting; working with mentor and in teams
  • Work out their placement in the local church
  • Gospels – understanding the life and teaching of Jesus
  • Communication – how to speak in public; lead groups and preaching
  • Discipleship – Jesus’ teaching – and a strategy for making disciples in the local context
  • Church History – learning from the rich story of God’s work in history; lessons for today; how and where we fit in
  • Skills in how to study; think critically; self-understanding; working with others
    All within a rich community of faith: worship; prayer; diversity