Like most Irish people, we are passionate about the family, worrking tirelessly to dispense faith, hope and love for families.

We support, encourage and strengthen families in a variety of ways such as Radio, Podcasts and offering Seminars & Training.

We aim to connect with people at every stage of life including Young Children, Teens, Young Adults, Parents and Grandparents with time-tested advice, quality resources
and relevant training.

We are creating even more culturally relevant content, growing our team and moving into even larger markets both with our radio outreach and emerging media platforms. It is clear, we cannot do it alone!

Please pray for us! Without prayer, we are a great vehicle with no engine!
Please spread the word in your own church and community!
Please support us financially on a regular basis so we can significantly strengthen the Irish family and impact the lives of over 100,000+ people each week!
Talk with us about becoming part of the expanding network of Families Strengthening Families!