What is GoSOW?

GoSOW is a charity based in Northern Ireland run by a group of Christians from across Ireland and beyond who have united to build a platform to help equip and resource Christian ministry within Ireland.

How can I find out more about GoSOW?

We have more detail on our website about our history, objectives and the team involved in making it happen. To go to the website click here…

How can I be confident in the information provided?

The GoSOW team have carefully selected the ministries on this platform. We encourage you to make contact with any of the ministries on this platform directly if you would like further information on any aspect of any project.

How can I be sure my money is being safely transferred?

We are using Stripe, a global company founded in Ireland, to process transactions via the App. Payments go directly to the ministry minus the Stripe transaction fee which is currently 1.4% plus 20p for European cards and 2.9% plus 20p for Non European cards.

We also have the option to give with Stewardship for those ministries who have a Stewardship account, Stewardship charge a maximum of 3.5% for handling transactions. Stewardship are a Christian charity and have been in existence from 1906 and handle £60million of giving every year.

How much of my gift goes directly to the project?

The running costs of GoSOW have been supported by generous individuals and trusts and GoSOW currently do not take a percentage of your donation. If you’d like to help support the ongoing running costs and keep this platform free to use for ministries you can donate on our page on this App or please get in touch to discuss other options for support.

Can I give directly to a ministry?

Yes. We exist to help the ministries on this platform increase their support by whatever means and welcome you getting in touch directly rather than using Stripe or Stewardship.