Children’s mental health initiative: Where’s your head at?

“Where’s Your Head At?” Is our new video series that has been distributed to schools province wide. This content is designed to create a space where young people can talk about their mental health with their teachers & creates a bridge for young people into the pastoral care system within the school when necessary.

This is a three part series that focuses on the following key themes:

Lesson 1: StressAwareness of the potential causes & strategies to help manage stress in our daily lives.

Lesson 2: AnxietyWhat anxiety is is and how it affects our overall health and wellbeing, combined with techniques to help manage anxiety.

Lesson 3: Self EsteemBuilding self worth & a positive outlook.

Our current work will see us deliver around 500 face to face workshops province wide, engaging with over 22,000 young people face to face this year.

This “Where’s Your Head At?” series will equip many more schools across the province, with an anticipated 30,000 + young people being reached via through the video series.

Why is this needed ?

  • A recent survey carried out by Barnardo’s Northern Ireland in June 2020 revealed that the pandemic has led to more mental health issues in our young people than ever before. Depression, stress, anxiety, self harm & suicide rates have sadly reached record numbers over this last 2 years.
  • 41% of young people feel lonelier, 38% are more worried than before and 37% described themselves as feeling sad.
  • These issues are backed up by Barnardo’s workers and schoolteachers; with 69% of support workers seeing an increase in mental  health issues in   young people and 89% of teachers saying there is a need for more help and provision to help tackle the growing issues.
  • In the recent Children & Young People’s EMOTIONAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING in Education Framework, published by the Minister of Education Peter Weir & the Minister of Health Robin Swan, we read that when we consider that 50% of mental health problems are established by the age of 14 the importance of promoting emotional health and wellbeing at the earliest stage is clear. This is why we at Made for More exist, to reach young people with vital content at earliest possible intervention stage.

We would love the wider GoSow family to pray for us as we look to meet the current need amongst the young people here in Northern Ireland & that each and every young person we encounter would see & experience the love of Jesus through us.

Check out our series trailer below:



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