Project: Rebuild

The mission of Made for More is to reach a generation of young people with the message of Ephesians 2:10.

Our goal this year is to deliver over 650 mental health & well-being talks, speaking with over 25,000 young people face to face.  Since September 2022 we have had the privilege of delivering 252 workshops speaking with 10,074 young people.

NISRA have today reported 237 deaths from suicide across Northern Ireland within 2021, seeing an increase of 18 from 2020, a heartbreaking reality . We want each young person we encounter to know the the message of Ephesians 2:10, that God see’s them as his masterpiece, that in Christ Jesus we have purpose, that there is hope.

As we send our teams across schools, youth organisations and churches, please continue to pray that God will prepare the hearts of each and every young person we encounter, in order that they may receive this hope.

We would appreciate any contribution you can make towards our mission. 

Thank you

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We need your support!

We all want to see the 30 million men, women and children engaged in the community of sport to be cared for within a community they love, from a person that they trust. Chaplains invest their time and energy into providing pastoral care.

The generous support of our donors makes training and placement possible. It costs us about £1,250 per person to make our full training available to prospective chaplains. We know that it is absolutely worth it when we see children, teenagers, singles and couples, mums and dads in sports communities being cared for, supported and encouraged!

To help fill the overwhelming need for chaplains we are urgently seeking £62,500 to train at least 50 more chaplains to provide proactive pastoral care and responsive spiritual care to the people of sport.


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Standing with our Ukrainian Partners

Join us as we stand with our partners in Ukraine and Eastern Europe as they serve those most impacted by the crisis.

Exodus has staff in both Hungary and Romania, and partners across Latvia, Slovakia, Poland, Moldova and Ukraine.

As the crisis unfolds, we think of our friends and partners in the region and are seeking to raise £10’000 towards key resources that will support our partners reaching those most impacted by the crisis.

Joseph, a pastor in Ukraine working with his youth group to support abandoned children who are living in a hospital with food, blankets, nappies and toys.

Sandor & Timi, a husband and wife team who are leading their church to provide food and accommodation for pastors and other believers fleeing the conflict.

Alin, our staff member who is providing basic supplies for those migrants crossing into Romania.

Please stand with us and support our Ukrainian partners

You can give directly via this link

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Release to Reach

In 2008, Operation Mobilisation Ireland moved to a beautiful property in County Roscommon called Lacken House. We praise God that the last 14 years has seen thousands of Jesus followers come to Lacken House and be inspired to be disciple-makers, equipped with skills to share Jesus and connected to ministries all throughout Ireland. During this time we have seen God’s grace and provision and over 93% of the Lacken House property has been paid for by the generous support of many! Would you prayerfully consider donating what you can to help us cover the final amount?

When this remaining amount is paid, we would be enabled to RELEASE more resources (short/long-term workers, funds, training, etc.) into ministry that will help us REACH people in Ireland and throughout the world with the life-changing Gospel message.  

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Tom and Graces Story

All of us involved in any way with IBI have one thing in common: we are passionate about Christians being empowered and equipped to have an impact on the church in Ireland. That is why Tom and Grace Campbell’s story is very exciting.

In September Tom and Grace moved from Bandon to Durrus to work alongside Rob and Amy Attridge in Amazing Grace Community Church in Skibbereen (Rob is also an IBI graduate). The church was officially formed in January 2021. Tom had been working as assistant pastor in Westside Baptist Church, Bandon during his BA studies. He is now the associate pastor with Amazing Grace Community Church and Tom and Grace are national members of European Christian Mission. Grace continues to be our Online Learning Coordinator as well as being a teacher on some of our BA modules. She has just finished her MA with us.

Tom and Grace’s studies at IBI have enabled them for their current ministries… 

“My years of studying at IBI have been very formative. Studying on the Masters programme has equipped me for church ministry, particularly in engaging with the Bible and communicating the Bible to others. It has also enriched my work at IBI, developing and teaching short courses online. Foundational to all of that, studying Applied Theology has increased my love for God and his Word. It’s a privilege to continue to serve him in this world of biblical studies! ” Grace

Studying at IBI provided me with theological and practical training for serving in the local church. Studying part-time and working with my church part-time provided an opportunity to study and apply learning at the same time. IBI provided me with tools to help with regular Bible teaching, as well as other aspects of church ministry, such as youth work and pastoral care.”  Tom


Enabling students like Tom and Grace to study at IBI is investing in the future of the church in Ireland. That is why we need your support to help us raise €60,000 to enable us to keep on fulfilling our calling and mission. If you are able to give to this appeal that would enable us to keep on making an impact in students lives. If you were able to give regularly, that would be fantastic, and would help us with our budgeting.

Will you help us this year to reach our goal to see disciples of Jesus Christ being transformed by their learning to make an impact on Ireland for the glory of God?


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YMD provides its training and support services free of charge to local churches so that money is never an issue. This allows churches of any size to access training and support without financial barriers.

In order to continue to provide our services free of charge, YMD relies on donations and contributions from individuals and groups.

Please consider making a monthly or one-off donation below.

You can read more on our website here.


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Mental Health Packs

We are so excited to launch our mental health packs across Northern Ireland’s hospitals, schools, youth groups and churches.

The heart behind these Mental Health Packs is to be the bridge between the need of the individual on that journey of mental ill-health & the help required to meet that need.

Through a QR code located within the packs, we have created a space on a bespoke website , where individuals can get access to multiple options for help. Examples of these being:


  1. A video series called stories of Hope with people sharing from lived experiences on some of the following:
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder OCD
  • Depression
  • Eating disorder
  • Panic Attacks
  • Alcoholism
  • Self Harm


  2. Access to HELP:

A range of specialist organisations listed as options for someone needing help and care in time of need.

This ranges from counselling to suicide, drugs & alcohol help to depression as well as general help such as childlike and crisis help such as Barnardos.


3. Mindfulness activities:

A range of activities & techniques to calm your nervous system. Mindfulness is a type of activity in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.

We also have podcasts, Spotify playlists & letters of hope written by those through lived experiences.

These packs are being distributed to hospitals, schools, churches & youth organisations throughout Northern Ireland. 
We would love the wider GoSOW network to pray they get into the hands that need them & for lives to be changed through the content and bridges created into professional help.  

If you would like to bless a local hospital, school, church or youth group with these packs, please donate via the give option on the GoSOW. Each pack is priced at £12.


God bless

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Hope Chapel Lane

What a privilege to work in a building steeped in such a rich revival history. But inheriting an older building means some TLC is required. 
We need finance to: 

  • convert single glazed windows to double glazed
  • install a new sound system 
  • provide screens for worship/ announcements (now received)
  • bring electrics up to standard 
  • update lighting 
  • general maintenance and repairs of toilets, tiling, walls etc

You can support us financially by setting up regular monthly giving or by giving a one-off gift. 

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A free online resource website with bespoke, curriculum linked programmes for schools and churches.


In 2020 we recognised the need to provide high quality digital resources to support schools and churches during the covid-19 pandemic. We developed our online resource website to provide a safe and easy to use space to access Christian resources. Our team have produced content for children, youth and adults which includes videos, worksheets, keynotes and live streams.  


Schools: we provide online materials for RE lessons (curriculum based for all key stage levels, including exam and non-exam RE), school assemblies and SU groups. Content is also available for SEND schools. 


Churches: our resources will help ministers, youth and kids’ workers as they equip and encourage the church especially in evangelism in their community and as they run online services. is a place where every school and church on the island can access resources to enable them to teach, equip and reach with the good news of the gospel. Registration is required but content is free to access and download. Users are also able to request bespoke content for their specific context. 


Currently there are over 230 teachers registered from over 130 schools (primary, post-primary and SEND) across Northern Ireland. We also have over 100 different churches, youth groups and organisations registered on the website.



Funding required (ongoing): 

  • Staffing costs – part time member of media team
  • Equipment costs – additional equipment required to facilitate filming at multiple locations
  • Content – new content needs to be produced regularly to remain relevant in an ever-changing culture. 




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Help us sow seeds

Our resources give tens of thousands of young people across Ireland and beyond the opportunity to explore the Christian faith for themselves. It’s made possible by the generosity of people like you.

We at SU Ireland are grateful for your support of NUA Films.

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