New Dublin Office

New Dublin base for Crown Jesus.

We are very exciting to take the keys and begin the refurb of a new premises in Dublin, located just 15 mins from the airport, 10 mins from the Blanchardstown and local hotels and 30 mins from the city centre. This facility will be offer a self contained cafe, board room, conference space, offices, and free parking. All to be used for the glory of God and the expansion of His Kingdom across Ireland. 

Join with us in prayer as we begin the necessary refurbishment. 

For more info contact the office. 

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Revival Now – Freedom

Revival Now is back at Chapel Lane with a new 5 week series: Freedom.
Here at Crown Jesus, Revival is an important theme of our ministry, particularly at Hope Chapel Lane. The building itself has a powerful history of real revival in the Church in Northern Ireland, and we continue to push into that tradition with Revival Now. Over the next 5 weeks we are going to explore what freedom means to each of us. There is nothing like the freedom found in a personal relationship with Jesus. Freedom from addiction, sin, fear, guilt and the expectations of others. Join us as we share the good news of Jesus, hear life changing stories, and invite all to receive prayer for healing, salvation and a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.

19th May 7:30PM
Hope Chapel Lane, Belfast

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Missions Week 2022

It’s Missions Week at Crown Jesus Ministries and our team is rising to the challenge with some fun personal goals and events, in order to raise funds for the work we do across Ireland. Our staff are walking, swimming, cycling, donating skills and hosting events, all to help fund the vision of our ministry. Funds will go to our three greatest needs: completing work on the Mill Studio, which will aid us greatly in our mission to digitally communicate the gospel; as well as maintaining our witness in schools, and supporting ongoing evangelism training in ROI.

Missions Week is from 16th-20th, but some challenges and events will continue to happen later this month. There will be a games night hosted by our Media team and coffee mornings hosted by our founder, Mitch. Follow our team’s progress and get updates on our fundraising goals and events on Instagram, Facebook, and our website: !

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Saying Hello!

Absolutely delighted to be launching today on GoSOW. What a wonderful tool to help Christians grow in their faith, to stay informed, serve and support outreach activity across Ireland. To God be the glory! #on a mission to deliver!

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Come Join Us!

Come join us! Here at OM Ireland, we have a host of various opportunities that you can be a part of!

If you are a young adult looking to grow in your faith, come join us for the Reach programme. This is a 5-month discipleship experience, which will be from February to June 2023. During this time, you will be trained and mentored while being immersed in cross-cultural community and ministry. 

If you are interested in joining in a short-term ministry opportunity, come join OM in the UK for the Commonwealth Games in late July, early August. This is an incredible short-term opportunity to share God’s love, while serving with an international team alongside local churches.

If you are a student, another way that you could be a part of what is happening in OM is to join as an intern. We have openings for interns in the areas of evangelism, hospitality, finance, HR and communications and marketing. These internships could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, or even up to a year!

This is just a small glimpse at the opportunities that we have available through OM. If you are interested in any of these, or if you would like to join our team long-term or find another short-term trip, just email

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Headlong towards sacrifice!

Headlong towards sacrifice!

The celebratory scene of Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem, to the applause of cheering crowds, captivates imaginations and inspires artists and songwriters. 

Yet to Jesus it was anything but celebratory. Jesus knew better than to entrust himself to human fickleness.

For Jesus this journey was a commitment to sacrifice. What the crowd saw as a humble hero entering their capital city was the Saviour of the world riding headlong towards sacrifice.

Deep within we know that people-pleasing rarely delivers what it promises though it’s more appealing than sacrifice. Following Jesus means serving sacrificially in preference to being swayed by the crowds.

“But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all people.”

John 2:24

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St. Patrick’s Outreach

St. Patrick’s Day provides a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel, so every year OM hosts a team of people who come to share about Jesus through evangelism, conversation, and prayer. This year, the team consisted of nine participants from two countries. The team had several days of training before they headed up to the location of this year’s outreach: Sligo. The outreach was in partnership with Spring to Life, which is a group of churches from Sligo who share the love of Jesus with their community. The outreach involved walking in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, participating in a community meal, sharing the gospel during late-night evangelism, interacting with young people at a youth night and a young adults’ night, having conversations in coffee shops, and doing prayer walks around Sligo. As the week progressed, many team members were able to see God at work in people’s lives.    
    As the team reflected on the week, many shared about how much they had come to love the country of Ireland and the people here, but how God had opened their eyes to how much these people need Him. One participant, Mary, shared these words about what God had taught her during the week: “[God] is love. He is sacrificial. He cares for the lost and broken. Everyone is broken and in need of a Saviour; everyone needs love.” 

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Little reward for a lot of effort?

Little reward for a lot of effort?

Serving others can sometimes seem like a lot of effort for little reward. The preparation you put into serving teens every week is unseen and often unappreciated. As you work away, behind the scenes, perhaps you wonder if it’s worth it or how long you can keep going. And yet Jesus’s words remind us that our heavenly Father sees it all and he will reward us. And knowing God’s generosity, it will seem like a lot of reward for little effort.

“Your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”     Matthew 6:4

“Father, thank you that you are fully aware of the unseen, sacrificial effort put into serving young people each week. Please continue to motivate us by your love and remind us that your promised reward will be no small thing.”

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2022/23 Internship now live

We are excited to be launching applications for our 2022/23 Internship. 

Our vision is to equip, empower and develop young leaders for the future to release them after a year of growth, challenge and support to build God’s Kingdom wherever He takes them. Check out our video below!

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Not Christian Teens but Christian Adults

Long Term Goal …not Christian teens but Christian adults!

If our long term goal is Christian adults – people who continue to live and mature as followers of Jesus long after their teenage years – we will build a ministry to young people that proclaims Jesus, trains and teaches the way of Jesus, relying on the wisdom of Jesus.

YMD provides tips and training in how to develop this type of youth ministry and we do this free of charge. Give us a shout via our webform (link in bio). We’d be delighted to talk with you.

“Jesus is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.”

Colossians 1:28

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