YFC | Ireland 20-25

For the last two years we’ve seen our Midlands Youth Hub in Mullingar become a catalyst for bringing people together. Whether young people on the margins of Christian faith or church leaders at the centre of it, God has given us favour with both. God is using the Hub as a means of building His Kingdom, not only in Mullingar but across Ireland.

Over the next 5 years YFC Ireland aim to replicate what we have in Mullingar in other parts of Ireland. 

We’re believing God for:
1. An Online Hub aimed at reaching and discipling young people and resourcing youth workers to do the same.

2. Local Hubs – collective outreaches by all the churches in the town to all the the young people of the town.

3. Portable Hubs to reach the places where local hubs can’t eg. Nomad Cage Soccer

Would you be willing to support us in prayer, and also by giving a monthly donation?

We would love to establish 150 new ministry support partners over the next few years, so that we might reachout to more young people. That in time, we’d see a young generation emerge in Ireland who follow Christ and act justly, therefore being His agents of transformation in the world.

For more information contact info@yfc.ie

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YFC | Midlands Youth Hub

We’ve started this term with over 200 young people from 3 secondary schools in Mullingar going through the Alpha Youth series hosted in our Midlands Youth Hub. Our vision is that every young person in Mullingar will hear the Gospel and have an informed opportunity to respond. 

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YFC | Cage Soccer

We’ve had many significant Gospel conversations with young people around our soccer cage, it’s been an on-ramp for bringing young people in the community and the church together. Unfortunately the Nomad Cage Soccer van has been off the road for almost a year now and is in need of repair. Please pray for both the resource and the mechanic who is trying to repair it. We long to get back out on the road and to engage young people in a Gospel conversation on their turf. 

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