Come Join Us!

Come join us! Here at OM Ireland, we have a host of various opportunities that you can be a part of!

If you are a young adult looking to grow in your faith, come join us for the Reach programme. This is a 5-month discipleship experience, which will be from February to June 2023. During this time, you will be trained and mentored while being immersed in cross-cultural community and ministry. 

If you are interested in joining in a short-term ministry opportunity, come join OM in the UK for the Commonwealth Games in late July, early August. This is an incredible short-term opportunity to share God’s love, while serving with an international team alongside local churches.

If you are a student, another way that you could be a part of what is happening in OM is to join as an intern. We have openings for interns in the areas of evangelism, hospitality, finance, HR and communications and marketing. These internships could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, or even up to a year!

This is just a small glimpse at the opportunities that we have available through OM. If you are interested in any of these, or if you would like to join our team long-term or find another short-term trip, just email

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St. Patrick’s Outreach

St. Patrick’s Day provides a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel, so every year OM hosts a team of people who come to share about Jesus through evangelism, conversation, and prayer. This year, the team consisted of nine participants from two countries. The team had several days of training before they headed up to the location of this year’s outreach: Sligo. The outreach was in partnership with Spring to Life, which is a group of churches from Sligo who share the love of Jesus with their community. The outreach involved walking in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, participating in a community meal, sharing the gospel during late-night evangelism, interacting with young people at a youth night and a young adults’ night, having conversations in coffee shops, and doing prayer walks around Sligo. As the week progressed, many team members were able to see God at work in people’s lives.    
    As the team reflected on the week, many shared about how much they had come to love the country of Ireland and the people here, but how God had opened their eyes to how much these people need Him. One participant, Mary, shared these words about what God had taught her during the week: “[God] is love. He is sacrificial. He cares for the lost and broken. Everyone is broken and in need of a Saviour; everyone needs love.” 

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Release to Reach

In 2008, Operation Mobilisation Ireland moved to a beautiful property in County Roscommon called Lacken House. We praise God that the last 14 years has seen thousands of Jesus followers come to Lacken House and be inspired to be disciple-makers, equipped with skills to share Jesus and connected to ministries all throughout Ireland. During this time we have seen God’s grace and provision and over 93% of the Lacken House property has been paid for by the generous support of many! Would you prayerfully consider donating what you can to help us cover the final amount?

When this remaining amount is paid, we would be enabled to RELEASE more resources (short/long-term workers, funds, training, etc.) into ministry that will help us REACH people in Ireland and throughout the world with the life-changing Gospel message.  

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A Journey on a Big Red Bus

It was a typical Irish day, damp and drizzling. But the weather didn’t stop the small group of people who go out three times a week in a Big Red Bus, a double-decker red bus, to share their faith on the street corners of Ireland. And the weather also didn’t stop two teenagers who came up to this group with questions. The teens asked questions about God, about sin and goodness, and about salvation. They left the conversation with answers and a way forward. Who shared this good news? An Irish bus driver named Colm.

     Colm hasn’t always stood on street corners having deep conversations with locals. When he started in Operation Mobilisation (OM) in Ireland in 2008, he came because, as he says, “I decided to give a year back to God, as if you can give anything back to God that He hasn’t given you.” He came as a maintenance man, a bus driver, and an Irish person who speaks Irish as his first language. Originally, Colm and his wife, Catherine, had planned on only being a part of OM for one year. Now, they have been a part of the team for over 13 years. Colm has been a part of many different ministries within OM and now, after years of doing many things, he shares, “I drive the Big Red Bus and I love it.” 

     The Big Red Bus has seen a lot in the years that it has been in commission. The bus has been used to host children’s programmes in various towns and estates around Ireland. It has been set up in town centres to serve free tea, coffee, and Bibles to locals. It has visited countless schools and churches and been the site of untold numbers of deep conversations and meaningful moments. When asked about his role on the Big Red Bus, Colm shared, “I drive the Big Red Bus and we do street evangelism, the ploughing championship, the horse fair, and the Flagh Keahl (the big Irish music festival).” Colm has seen the Big Red Bus used in many different roles, but the role of the Bus shifted dramatically when the Covid-19 pandemic hit Ireland.

      During the pandemic, the Bus could not be used for school programmes or church events, as many of these were cancelled or postponed. So, Colm and the rest of the team switched gears and began using the Bus more for street evangelism. Now, three times per week in three different towns around Ireland, you will find Colm standing next to the Bus, sharing with locals about what God has done, the Good News of the Gospel. He shares, “I’m out there talking to people because that is what God has me doing. Telling the story of what God has done for me.” While the hope is that the Bus will still be able to be used at festivals and large events, the team is grateful that they have been able to use it in more creative ways over the last two years. 

     Just as the role of the Big Red Bus has shifted to better accommodate this new normal, so Colm also finds himself thinking about what ministry shifts are ahead for him in his own future. He shares about the many people, like the two teenagers, that he has met over the years and how he hopes that he will be able to still impact their lives, even if his role changes. No matter what the future holds, Colm is confident that God will be able to use his experiences on the Big Red Bus to impact the lives of those around him.

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