YMD provides its training and support services free of charge to local churches so that money is never an issue. This allows churches of any size to access training and support without financial barriers.

In order to continue to provide our services free of charge, YMD relies on donations and contributions from individuals and groups.

Please consider making a monthly or one-off donation below.

You can read more on our website here.


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Mental Health Packs

We are so excited to launch our mental health packs across Northern Ireland’s hospitals, schools, youth groups and churches.

The heart behind these Mental Health Packs is to be the bridge between the need of the individual on that journey of mental ill-health & the help required to meet that need.

Through a QR code located within the packs, we have created a space on a bespoke website , where individuals can get access to multiple options for help. Examples of these being:


  1. A video series called stories of Hope with people sharing from lived experiences on some of the following:
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder OCD
  • Depression
  • Eating disorder
  • Panic Attacks
  • Alcoholism
  • Self Harm


  2. Access to HELP:

A range of specialist organisations listed as options for someone needing help and care in time of need.

This ranges from counselling to suicide, drugs & alcohol help to depression as well as general help such as childlike and crisis help such as Barnardos.


3. Mindfulness activities:

A range of activities & techniques to calm your nervous system. Mindfulness is a type of activity in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.

We also have podcasts, Spotify playlists & letters of hope written by those through lived experiences.

These packs are being distributed to hospitals, schools, churches & youth organisations throughout Northern Ireland. 
We would love the wider GoSOW network to pray they get into the hands that need them & for lives to be changed through the content and bridges created into professional help.  

If you would like to bless a local hospital, school, church or youth group with these packs, please donate via the give option on the GoSOW. Each pack is priced at £12.


God bless

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What would it look like if  young people in schools all across Ireland and the UK were impacted by God and used their influence for him? 

That’s our prayer and dream. As SHINE Influencers is run across schools during the month of November, pray that young Christian’s will be bold and courageous as they share their faith in school and that many young people hear about and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. 

SHINE is a collaboration between Logos Ministries International, Scripture Union England and Wales, Scripture Union Scotland, Scripture Union Ireland, Scripture Union Northern Ireland and Crown Jesus Ministries.  

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Hope Chapel Lane

What a privilege to work in a building steeped in such a rich revival history. But inheriting an older building means some TLC is required. 
We need finance to: 

  • convert single glazed windows to double glazed
  • install a new sound system 
  • provide screens for worship/ announcements (now received)
  • bring electrics up to standard 
  • update lighting 
  • general maintenance and repairs of toilets, tiling, walls etc

You can support us financially by setting up regular monthly giving or by giving a one-off gift. 

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Elfie’s Selfie

Elfie’s Selfie is our Christmas resource for primary schools. It’s an engaging video resource that takes children on a journey to find the ultimate Christmas selfie and to discover what they can learn about themselves through the Christmas story. 

This resource will be available to use in schools through in December. The team are also available to deliver an in-person interactive workshop to complement the resource. 

Last year we had almost 4000 children engage with our Christmas programme. 

Please pray for:

  • Klass Kids team as they film and edit the video content
  • Preparation for school visits
  • That many children will have the opportunity to engage with the resource 
  • Children to truly understand the meaning of Christmas
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New *Childrens Evangelist*

Crown Jesus are delighted to welcome Nathan Cruise to the team as our new Children’s Evangelist. Nathan trained as a primary school teacher, completing his degree in Early Childhood Studies at Stanmillis before going on to start his own music and production business. Nathan is passionate about sharing the hope of Christ and seeing children’s lives changed.

Nathan joined the Klass Kids team at the start of November and will help to plan, develop and deliver fresh evangelistic teaching materials and programmes for RE classes, after-school clubs, SU groups, school assemblies and church groups. These are available to be delivered in person or digitally through

Welcome to the team Nathan. 

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Connecting Young People to Christ

Join us this Thursday , 18th November 8-9pm, at the iMap Online Event as we think through how to connect young people to Christ following Covid disruptions.

Sign up to the 10 min seminar as part of this Church Resource evening.


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3rd – 5th of December 2021

at Ovoca Manor

Registrations open on Monday 15th of November at 11:30am

Come and join us for a weekend of rest, prayer and recharge. This weekend is for young adults 18 to 25 years (who must be finished school).

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A Story of Perseverance in Prayer

A Story of Perseverance in Prayer

Last week Premier Radio held a Nations Day celebrating all that God is doing across Ireland. Our Training & Resources Manager Phil Howe got the opportunity to interview our E3 East Belfast Schools Worker Sarah Coghlan as part of the day and you can check out that interview here👇

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IBI Prayer Update November 2021


Please pray with us for: 

The new students who started in September 
We are thankful to God for a great bunch of new students. They have now had seven weeks of term and are adjusting to IBI life. We are very thankful that the IBI LIVE delivery (on site and on Zoom) has worked very well. 

The continuing students
They have been delighted to have access to in-person classes again. 

Graduation – this coming Saturday (6th Nov) 
We want it to be a day of celebration for the students. It will be very different to any other year, but it is just as important to mark the significant achievement of the classes of 2020 and 2021.
(Please join us via Zoom for one or both of the the events.) 

Annual appeal
This is a vital part of our fundraising. Please pray that God will use it to supply our needs for 2021-22. 

Staff team
The staff team are working both in IBI and from home. We are grateful for the technology that has enabled us to keep on doing what we do.

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